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    Default I'm Disappointed. Very.

    Okay, so earlier today I have been playing Planetside 2. Now, before I make my statement here, if you must know what Planetside 2 is, Planetside 2 was a game just recently released by another branch of SOE under an MMOFPS as a sequal to the original Planetside, made by Dynamo Studios, released in the endline of 2003. The game has three continents and you can play as one of three factions with three characters max in the selection menu before playing the game. Guns, ships, and vehicles glore, essentially.

    Now, to my statement, the game is STILL very buggy, and I had a major bug happen to me right now. A few minutes ago, I had been teleported into the sky with no way out of it. Eventually, I crashed. Oh, and guess what? My modem glitched, breaking my internet access. I had to reset my DLink router and N+ Modem for it to work again, with a complete reinstall of the process. That was astonishingly long, and it was arduous to do the software reinstall as well. Oh, and guess what?

    My year-long Premium Membership also got wiped from my account for some reason. Sony, really, why did you rush-release a game that was going along the ropes so smoothly? Bugs like these are what irritates me, as it was bad. The reasons why are because that I cannot get better server access, and also that I cannot be able to recieve $5 of Station Cash any longer. In fact, why doesn't FR do this? Anyway, my point is, bugs like these is just going to cause people to leave the game, and also make it recieve a bad face review as well.

    On top of that, my BIGGEST complaint of this game is that it contains a 'Pay to Win' face, and why I say this is because of the fact that obtaining certification points without a Prem. Account is RIDICULOUS. It takes me, 100+ gameplay hours to get 1375 cert points, and just for one is around 2 hours. TWO. Sony, fix these issues and overhaul the cert point system. This is stupid. You should have finished it. Apparently it's not due to the number of rampant bugs in the game.

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    Default Re: I'm Disappointed. Very.

    I installed PS2 for a while, then took it off because it took too much space ha ha. Anyway, I have seen many people complain about the cert points, members got a boost for them, right? You can't really call PS2 a Pay to Win because of this aspect, it just need too much effort. WoW is P2W, EQ2 is P2W. PS2 is certainly not. During my 3 day play time, I didn't find any bugs, guess I am just lucky.

    P.S Can't you just send a ticket to get it back?
    P.S.S FR doesn't do that because they only charge $5 ...

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    Default Re: I'm Disappointed. Very.

    Ah, yes this bug has happened to me before. I frequently play PlanetSide2, and I have not yet found a way around the numorous bugs. Ive learned to live with them, but it still isn't easy.

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    Default Re: I'm Disappointed. Very.

    What I have noticed is that any game from SOE ATM is a bunch of "free to play, but pay to win" bull. I thought SWTOR might be different, and it was, but now it's all crap (I got to max level anyways, for some the lore filled questing was awesome, to me, having to fight 50+ mobs to get to a quest location is ridiculous). FR was good till a point.

    I am afraid of playing SOE games. They are rushed, they consume too much money, and they generally don't have a good community.
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