In january 2010 i stopped playing tootsville, a few months later when i tried to get back on, it turns out they flushed my acccount(basically deleted it)

5 minuetes ago i tried to maker another account,but they declined all of the E-mails my dad put in.

but anyway my point, the tootsvillle community was very small, everyone knew everyone, one of my closest buddies was Soarkle.but because i'm not back yet, does anyone know if Soarkle is still on tootsville? cause by now all of my toot buddies have either: A. forgotten me, or B. given up on the fact that i might return one day, and that day will hopefuly be the day that customer support replys to my E-mail.

So, if any of you find Soarkle, or any other toots that says "hey, i remember twinkle07!"
just tell them twinkie is coming back! =D

(tootsville is as not so massive mmorpg with a bunch of colorful elephants, and yes i know it sounds like a litttle kid game)