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    Default FusionFall Guide: Bad Max

    FusionFall Guide to Boss: Bad Max (Otherwise known as the GIANT RAM OF DOOM)

    Bad Max
    Level: 10 (Sent to the past)
    Max Hit: 127
    HP: 10,000
    Specials: Stun
    Nano Weakness: Cosmix types
    Fusion Element: Adaptium
    Advantage Against: Blaston type Nanos

    Bad Max is a giant, rocky mass of Fusion Matter Lord Fuse created from a Skull and King Basher, as well as a Skull Crusher. Bad Max used to be the only Level 5 Monster in FusionFall in the Future, but since the Future was removed, Bad Max was sent to the Past and is now twice as tough. It is HIGHLY recommended to bring a Healing Nano due to his hard hits (Which he hits hard quite often, especially with higher defence), and his frequent stuns. Bad Max usually gets the upperhand with stuns as he does it every so often. It's also recommended to bring along a Shattergun due to possible Crash Loader ambushes. I'd also recommend a Damage Nano (Either Cone, Area, or Point. All work well against him).
    The three starting Nanos are all you need to beat Bad Max. Others work better, but the starters are well enough to work. Finn is at a disadvantage since Bad Max is Adaptuim and has an Advantage over Blaston Nanos, but can be equal if Finn is set to the Smite Evil Point Damage ability. I'd also recommend bringing a Protoplasm Cannon/Croc Potted Shattergun (The latter being the styled one with the stats of the Protoplasm Cannon, as this will lead to a better run without the Protoplasm Cannon with a weaker gun's stats) to get a better lead over him.

    Gear I'd recommend:
    Open-Parallel Circuit Shirt
    Freezer Pants OR Atomic Pants
    Atomic Boots
    Protoplasm Cannon (Or Croc Potted Shattergun with stats of the Protoplasm Cannon)
    And the most powerful Pistol available for use for attacking only Bad Max, and this also provides a much faster attack rate over other guns.

    Nano Abilities I'd recommend:
    Healing (This is REQUIRED to survive and not to die from his stuns)
    Damage Cone, Area, OR Point
    And (If you use this alot, as I don't) Stun.

    I'd also advise you to bring 2500+ Nano Potions, as you're going to use your Nano's Abilities quite often.

    So here's my guide to fighting Bad Max. To find him, head over to Peach Creek Estates, and head to the sub-construction zone in the sourth-eastern portion of P.C.E, and look for the Crash Loaders next to that site.

    Hope this helps for you FusionFallers.

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    Default Re: FusionFall Guide: Bad Max

    Thx.. Ima start going on there more often x]
    I do not play FreeRealms anymore.

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    Default Re: FusionFall Guide: Bad Max

    Quote Originally Posted by Epic Ariel View Post
    Thx.. Ima start going on there more often x]
    You're welcome. And if you need help on looking for his position, PM me and tell me your current location on FuFa. I'll lead you the way.

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