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Title: Fusion Fall!

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    Default Fusion Fall!

    Fusion Fall is a Virtual World based off of Cartoon Network. It is actually very fun. I have played it since it came out so.. Ik a lot about it if u need help

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    Default Re: Fusion Fall!

    Hey Cool I have To Check it Out

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    Default Re: Fusion Fall!

    I like Fusion Fall (:
    I have a question:
    How come when I launched the game, it would either freeze or lag? I got on late and my internet connection wasn't bad.. I haven't played in months tho

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    Default Re: Fusion Fall!

    I have played FusionFall a couple of times in my life. I also have played the Open Beta as well. I technically don't play it anymore since my internet usually has TONS of lag, and that the game takes quite a long while to load specific areas (INCLUDING THE LOADING SCREEN.) in the game.

    But it is a good game, though.

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    Default Re: Fusion Fall!

    FUSION FALL!!! It's really fun! Although I crash 5-30 times per hour when I play it, it's really fun and it's a huge game!
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    Default Re: Fusion Fall!

    The main reason why I started playing Fusion Fall was cuz I wanted to see CN's " Old Breed " as I call them. Dang I wish they were still here and were not replaced by the " New Breed ". The Good ol' days. Anyway I say it is a good game even though it gets kinda slow especially if you have other games to play like I do this time is around Lvl 20 for me. Also, yes this game does take an EXTREMELY long time to load even on my super computer.
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    Default Re: Fusion Fall!

    I made a fusionfall copuple of days ago (:
    Ish so fun!!! ^^
    And the reason it takes long is 'cause the game is HUGE...It's like 5 times Fr's Map...

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