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    Default A Freemium Done Right (Tribes Ascend)

    This is pretty much a thread for an FPS game that reboots the Tribes series, after nearly 6 years of inactivity. Tribes Ascend is an F2P FPS that combines action with speed. Since Quake Live, it's good to see Speed FPSes still in heart. Anyway, the game is free, and all you have to do is sign up for the game, and you are granted access to play.

    While the game does contain microtransactions, they are not necessary (Unlike the most unfortunate 'Freemium' games out there that are actually Pay to Win botch-ups.), as you can unlock more weapons, skins, Classes, packs, and whatnot as you play the game.

    Sign up at the Hi-Rez Website (Also includes a Game Launcher to launch other Hi-Rez games):

    Sign up at Steam (Steam account required): Tribes: Ascend on Steam
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