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Title: Flyff?

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    Default Flyff?

    ok, i have officially gotten bored with free realms, and i am movcing on to another mmorpg called Flyff (Fly for fun) it looks really cool, but i am not looking forward to being a noob again :S does anyone else play Flyff?
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    Default Re: Flyff?

    Many people in Philippines play Flyff,

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    Icon6 Re: Flyff?

    I thought you were talking about Fluff, but misspelled it. Sowwy brotha XD I might play if my lets me
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    Default Re: Flyff?

    I actually played Flyff for about a week and then got bored of it and moved back to Free Realms. A few things I did enjoy about it were the battle style and the friendly people of Flyff always willing to help out. If you need help just walk up to another player on Flyff and ask, many players love helping out and work with you for a while.

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    Default Re: Flyff?

    I played Flyff for a long time(lvl 115) then left.
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    Default Re: Flyff?

    Yea, I used to have that game (Flyff, obiously), and played for two weeks, managing to get my assist to lvl. 33, then got hacked (All chars GONE) I got mad and played FR for a month or two, then went back to Flyff, getting my new magician to lvl.30 (Mage, I always call it a mage) And got bored at the pure grinding and how many people weren't helping. I want to try the new version, but I think it might all be the same. Little review down here :

    All in all, I would give Flyff 5/10. My reason being:
    Way to much grinding, and what sort of silly price is 9,000,000?
    Getting to lvl.60 is possible in a week, but riquires stupid amounts of playing time and
    work you can't be bothered with doing to achive it.
    Also, the enimies give silly amounts of exp out. People have sworn over
    the Crane enemies giving as little as 00.01 exp per kill. That 00.45 E.G
    exp system also makes the game incredibly hardcore and almost impossible to max out
    your level. I only managed to get get my assist to level 33 in a month. That is why I will
    not EVER go back to flyff. also, the magicians' 2 first costumes are incredibaly similar, which
    is quite a waste of money.
    Very nice game graphics, the hardcore can - On a rare basis - give you something to do.
    Monsters are very well made and can dish out reasonable(ish) attacks.
    The spells and abilities are also very well made, with the magicians spells making the game
    look 30 years ahead of what it actually is. There are alot of quests, and if your a player that can get truely
    addicted in a short amount of time, you could end up with a week of playing, and "positevly" get your character to level. 60.

    I decided to do a review because the game is one I enjoyed playing within the first few weeks of my time playing it. Feel free to reject on any of my comments of stuff because its what I get all the time

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    Default Re: Flyff?

    Hi, I played Flyff for some time years ago because my favourite game in that time, Rose Online became P4P (Pay for Play), I got bored of Flyff very soon, now Rose Online is again free, you may give it a try.

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    Default Re: Flyff?

    Fly For Fun... I can't say that I reccommend it. I was going to play it, but a certain aspect (Dating random people online is practically required) scared me off...

    But allow me to reccommend Mabinogi. It has an AMAZING combat system. Even grinding is fun! The general public is usually willing to help. The quests are amazing... and best of all~ If you don't want to pay, you don't have to! The only things you miss out on are- Extra storage space, Unlimitless Rebithing, and... that's all I can think of.
    So you might want to try it... I know I'm hooked.

    EDIT~~~ Just realized this thread is fairly old... don't chew me out, I apologize.

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