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    Default FireFall: First Impressions and Comparisons.

    Okay, so I got this great MMFPS/TPS game called FireFall today. And I have to say... It is AWESHUM.

    Sadly, I don't have a video to show you, but here's my impressions, which were a bit mixed and surprised, but as I played each second, I started to enjoy it. A bunch.

    The comparisons are between this, Open World MMOs (FR included, for any of you jackals out there. <3), and another MMO I used to play, Global Agenda. The graphics are also comparable to Borderlands, using hard-drawn arts and cell shading techniques; which is what this game sets it apart. It's like a mix of FR, Borderlands, and Global Agenda, all at the same time.

    Currently, FireFall is still in a Closed Beta state, so you'll need to request access. (Yes, REQUEST. Who does REQUEST Beta access and not require you signing up these days?) But, the Beta is EXTREMELY fun, and all that jazz. Also, the map size is quite large for Beta, which is another good thing.

    So if you're an MMO freak with the computer the performance of a beast, then request beta access for this game. I guarantee you will not go disappointed. :U
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