Love this game, haha. I love many games, then as soon as I post here, I don't play them anymore. xP

Anywaysss, I have been on for like three days solid. Except school. xD. I started a new character, a Shaman, to be exact. My name be Uvelli (I was stuck hard for a name.) And I am level 32 (Atm. )
My server is Fort Phoenix, only because Ancestral Ruins with full with my charries. I did used to play a Venzz, but then lumped her because she was boring. End of Maven story.

Uvelli -

Uvelli in her ye olde stuff -

The more modern Uvelli, this was a siggy for her in the forum <3 (No, you unfortunately won't loose me to them Ether Saga players :/) -

And this is Uvelli's FireMane Bull pet, Krash. ^^ -

Join me....xD