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    Default Does anyone play animal jam?

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone plays animal jam- a virtual world created by National Geographic. Animal Jam is really meant for teeny tiny kids but i play it anyway ( because i never listen to the age that the game is meant for lol ) well i love AJ, the only issue is
    the trading system isnt set up very well. I get scammed for my stuff sometimes, but on freerealms the same thing can happen, so its not the end of the world. If you dont play animal jam you should try it, especially if you love animals! AJ is all about Nature, actually your character is a animal. You can chose from tiger,seal,wolf,monkey, or panda. Just warning you if your computer runs slow anyway, you may need to clear your computers junk often. Here are some more facts about animal jam.

    Is there membership : Yes

    How much will it cost for me to be a member : about 6 dollars for normal 1 month membership

    How much will it cost for me to be a 3 month member : About 15 or 16 dollars

    How can i earn gems ( like coins, but animal jam style ) : Play games, the best games are falling phantoms, best dressed, phantoms treasure, or trivia

    Where can i find these games : In the sol arcade is jamaa township

    How can i get clothes and den items : In the stores at jamaa township, on certain days ( like rare item monday ) you can buy rare items they are very very awesome

    What are diamonds and how can i get them : Diamonds were added just recently on 5/29/2013 ( two days ago ) You can earn them in the daily gem spin, you will get 10 when you buy a AJ membership gift card, and if you are a member,
    you will get 4 of them when you log in the first time.

    Thats all i can think of if there are any questions or if you want to tell others you play AJ comment below.

    Oh ya if you want to add me tell me your username and i will add you.
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    Default Re: Does anyone play animal jam?

    I just started playing today. I'm a bunny rabbit.
    I hardly call this place perfect. But I'm a mess, who can't handle any friendship without ruining it and has no one to turn to now.
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    Default Re: Does anyone play animal jam?

    Game sucks.

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    Default Re: Does anyone play animal jam?

    I used to play it, but not so much anymore. I was a wolf. Nothing much really happens on there.

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