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    Default DEAD SPACE: My review and info, and an autobiography!

    Okay, so two days ago I bought a copy of Dead Space, and, I am gonna give you my review about it.

    Dead Space is an Action-Horror game in space, based on the Planetcracker USG Ishimura. You play as Issac Clarke, and Engineer on the USG Kellion, and your mission is to find out what is going on. However, this is no easy task, as you repair the Ishimura, and place the Red Marker (On the Ishimura) back to Aegis VII. Of course, what would there be without a horror game? Undead. The enemies you encounter are the polymorphic undead species known as Necromorphs. Of course, Necromorphs make this game the Horror trophy. Necromorphs, however, make this game EXTREMELY terrifying, and will probably even make you paranoid. (Although this would be rare...) So you'd probably not want to play this game until about 15 or so in order to start playing it. But if you do play it, send me a message about it sooner or later, and I can give you some tips about it.

    Spoiler: show

    By the way, funny thing is: All chapters (Well, the first letter of each chapter) spell "NICOLE IS DEAD", meaning that, in the game, Nicole was actually dead WAY before Dead Space even started, and due to the Red Marker, Issac was actually hallucinating her in the first place, which also explains some story of Dead Space 2, upcoming in January 2011 (Although the day is not specified).
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    Default Re: DEAD SPACE: My review and info, and an autobiography!

    dead space pwns newbs
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