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    Default Castle Crashers

    Hello, S.D here with info about Castle Crashers.

    Castle Crashers is... a unique game. It isn't online, but it is online via XBLA Marketplace, or the PlayStation Store. Castle Crashers is also a very fast-paced Action/Adventure game able to play with 4 players Online or locally, Cooperatively, or Competitively. The PS3/XBLA versions are somewhat the same, but some mechanics (Such as DLC packs, I.E. The King and Necromantic Pack) are not in the PS3 Version, but rather the mechanics are used in some other ways. (In this case, the King/Necromantic Weapons/Animal Orbs are in the PS3 Exclusive Insane Store) There is a Wiki for Castle Crashers as well, and it provides serious information about it. It's a very, VEERY great game, and I HIGHLY recommend buying it for the XBLA/PS3 Users in this forum.

    Wiki: Castlepedia - CastleWiki
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