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    Default //Anyone Playing Lego Universe Yet? :D

    I pre-ordered it and it is AMAZING! I love it ^.^

    If anyone is playing, see if you can add me. My IGN is Edd. I am a Rank 2 Engineer in the Assembly Faction. I am usually found in Gnarled Forest, kicking some Stromling Pirate booty! (Sorry for the 'pun' )
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    Default Re: //Anyone Playing Lego Universe Yet? :D

    I joined the Beta months ago and have been playing it some of my spare time ever since. I love the layout of the game and the building in general. I have always loved the Lego Game series for the Wii and now I am glad I can enjoy the fun for my computer at any time I please. I and Jet Lightning and am a Rank 1 Pirate in the Venture Leage.

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