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    Default Anyone ever heard of Fly Like a Bird 3?

    Fly Like a Bird 3 is a game, where you, well, Fly Like a Bird!

    Really simple concept, Click here to play.

    Unity Web Player
    (The Website will ask to install it, it's fast and NO virus.)

    You can play in Mulitplayer or Single Player.
    In Mulitplayer, you are asked to give a nickname so other people know what to call you.

    There are 5 birds to choose from:
    Pigeon, Eagle, Crow, Starling, and Seagull. Seagull is the only bird that can go in water.

    There are 3 places to choose from:
    Hillscape-Foresty Area
    Cityscape-Urban Area
    Islands-A Group of Islands

    The game is really easy, there is no point to it really. Just fly around with the arrow keys, click on the speech bubble to talk, and don't die!

    Dying is fine in this game. You just go back to the main menu, and you can get right back into the game where you were! You have five lives in the game, then you are brought to the main menu and have to go back into the game.
    You lose lives a couple ways:
    Landing too hard
    Running into any kind of human
    Hit by a car

    There is alot more stuff that you can do, that I haven't said in here. I'll leave that to you guys to find out.

    So, anyone wanna try it? It's free!
    I'm on it alot, if anyone wants to meet on it in mulitplayer, then just post here or send me a P.M.
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    Default Re: Anyone ever heard of Fly Like a Bird 3?

    Lol, I remember sitting at my grandmas for two hours, all the time anticipating the end of the long wait to go home and play Fly Like a Bird.

    Before Free Realms, of course.

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