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Title: Any great game recommendations?

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    Default Any great game recommendations?

    Since Free Realms is shutting down I want to try out some new games.

    Here are some games I have tried out already:
    Aura Kingdom
    Eden Eternal

    Any games you guys recommend? ;P ;3

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    Default Re: Any great game recommendations?

    WARNING: Ranting involved. Skip to next paragraph if you do not wish to be angered and/or disappointed by my behavior.
    (Can't say I didn't warn ya'!)
    I would recommend SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic, go sith) but then people would start raging out. Then this thread would become
    'an argument thread' therefore, I will not say I 'recommend' it. but if I did say I truely recommend it, right here, right now, there is a chance
    no one will comment on it. But there is a chance someone will press hit reply then rage out on me about this whole rant about "Whether or not to
    recommend this game" mainly because everytime I have mentioned it, someone yells at me and tells me this, exactly this: "That game is terrible." true, it does have it's ups and downs, but it's also very fun... well... on the imp side. (Imperial Side)
    Now, if I continue to write this long statement about: How someone will rage on me about what I've been saying in this post. Then I will say one last thing...

    I recommend SWTOR.
    What is this? A community of depression?

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    Default Re: Any great game recommendations?

    I have played through SWTOR as much as possible for F2P access, and it's very fun.
    I've scanned the internet for a new game to play, and none of them have come close to the one I am trying now. It's called Tera Rising, I'm still trying it out, but the download requires you to have at least 35 GB available on your computer. XDDDDD

    It's completely free to play with no restrictions except for some "convenience boosts" which are bought with real money.
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    Default Re: Any great game recommendations?

    I play Aura Kingdom.. f you're not there to be the best then it's very enjoyable.. Perfect World is alright :x

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    Default Re: Any great game recommendations?

    I would recommend Onverse. I found it similar to Free Realms, and a perk is you can earn the money you have to pay to buy through the game by "PP hunting".


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    Default Re: Any great game recommendations?

    Here are some I recommend:
    WildStar (open beta is about to launch)
    EverQuest Next Landmark (currently in closed beta)
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    Default Re: Any great game recommendations?

    I guess I'll go ahead and post some of the free MMOs that I either have played or currently play.

    Games with ♥ are my favorites.

    Everquest 2 - MMORPG run by SOE. Older game but is still fun. Rated T.
    Spoiler: show

    Dragon's Prophet - MMORPG by SOE. You pretty much tame dragons that will give you special powers. You can ride on some and fly around within the first few minutes of playing. Rated T.
    Spoiler: show

    Neverwinter - MMORPG that Princess Celestina mentioned. Based on Dungeons and Dragons. Beautiful graphics. Unknown rating. (Maybe T?)
    Spoiler: show

    Tera Rising - MMORPG that Princess Celestina mentioned. Mind blowing Graphics. Rated M. **My personal favorite**
    Spoiler: show

    Lord of the Rings Online - MMORPG based on Lord of the Rings. Rated T.
    Spoiler: show

    Aura Kingdom - Anime style MMORPG that just started up. Unknown Rating. (Probably T) **I recommend this one if Tera isn't possible to play**
    Spoiler: show

    Warframe - Not really FPS but is still a shooting game. The characters you play in this remind me of a mix of something out of Halo and a ninja. Rated M.
    Spoiler: show

    TF2 - Cartoon FPS that a lot of people are familiar with. Rated M. (This one isn't bad for being rated M.)
    Spoiler: show

    Rust - FPS survival game. Would be M if it were rated.
    Spoiler: show

    League of Legends - MOBA. Rated T.
    Spoiler: show

    Smite - MOBA centered around different gods/goddesses from different cultures. Rated T.
    Spoiler: show

    IMVU - Chat game. Pretty much just.. dress up and talk. IMVU said you have to be at least 13 to use it, but most people are 18-24.
    Spoiler: show

    Second Life - Another chat game. Nice because you have the ability to fly around and stand wherever you want where on IMVU you're stuck at a certain location. 16+ from my understanding.
    Spoiler: show

    I've played more, but that's all I can think of right now. I'll add more later if I think of any.
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