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    Default Amazing World - An Addictive Free to Play MMO!

    It totally sucks that Free Realms is closing for good in under a week So I started to look around for other great MMOs. I played Wizard 101 and Maple Story, great games, but while playing it, they felt like it was missing something.

    Then I heard about "Amazing World". It is a free to play MMO from the same company that made Webkinz. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it is so addictive! You play as a cute character called a Zing. The quests are fun, such as dressing up my Zing character, buying consumables and, of course, fishing!

    They also have contests on their news site, Amazing World Newz. Recently they had a design contests for a Zing and a fish. The winner had their creation added in game! The article for the winning Zing design is here

    So if any of you are still unsure what new game to play, try out Amazing World!

    You can play it at Amazing World: 3D Virtual World Game for Kids

    Let me know what you think

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    Default Re: Amazing World - An Addictive Free to Play MMO!

    Looks very childish, but I'll try it out.

    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: Amazing World - An Addictive Free to Play MMO!

    Looks kind of interesting. It looks like it's like webkinz where you buy actual toys and then put them into the game. Is that how it is?

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