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    Default Zoo tycoon: Meerkat Manner!

    Meerkat manner section of the thread..

    Hey guys! Im looking to make a new zoo on Zootycoon two(Zookeeper collection, dino danger pack Problem Is... I don't know the Meerkat's name(s), I don't watch the show, but I wanted to make a "Meerkat Manner" One. where there meerkats, they fend for themselves! HAHA

    can anyone give me a list of the names? Deceased and alive, please!

    Thanks guys, your the greatest!

    Zoo tycoon sectionnn.

    So, I found the zoo tycoon 2 disc(s) Recently. I really like It, so Im playing It agian. but I need the meerkats names (Look above) and also a few other Ideas. I've done a TON Of "Fend for yourselves" and "Serious" Zoos..Its getting boring. help? (I want marine maniaaa. )

    Thanks agian guy(s), your the greatest!!


    If you put In two or more spoilers, or put In too long of spoilers, It glitches. It'll split Into two spoilers, and It'll show the BBC Code for one of them. ):

    (107 posts, awesome xD)
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