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    Default You're Most LOL Moments In Life

    Okay,here's a place where you can post your LOL moments in life.
    Rules? Yep. All FRI rules apply.
    Okay,I'll start:

    So,I was with my friend Dani and we were frosting cupcakes at my house. I broke a cupcake and she took it,so I took it back and she said "MY CUPCAKE" then I licked the cupcake and she told on me.

    You're turn.
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
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    Default Re: You're Most LOL Moments In Life

    I was playing with a water hose one time and instead of spraying my friends i got a old lady carry some shopping bags (she fell). Then she started playing with me and my friends (she had a water gun btw)

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