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    Default YMCA YAAAA :D

    Ok so... i was at the YMCA ok? (IRL) Cuz there was this thing called GNO!! Its stands for Girls Night Out xD! I go every Monday for TEN WEEKS!! AWESOME!! First we go to a special room. Then you have apple juice or a kind of drink they set out for you... and they also set out some granola bars yummmm! Then you talk to eachother and get to know them more. (this is on the first week so lol) i loooove this GNO! then you go downstairs right? You go to a room where u play ZUMBA FUNNEST PLACE EVA!! We put on those kind of belly skirts you tie them over ur clothes and dance in two lines side to side of eachother . then u dance to other songs like Firework, Boom Boom Pow, and other songs !! MAGICAL! Your belly skirts jingle with the little jinglies on it !! Then at the end you get your stuff and go home. (not in a school bus ) But i go with my frind Mary so... yay for me!!
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