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    Default Wowwee: Shortage?

    I've always wanted a roboraptor.

    Ever since you handed me the christmas catalog, I Instantly went to the back. That one christmas, I saw It. The toy Every little Kid wants, but Never gets. (Witch Is perfectly fine by Me now that Im older, I don't execpet to get an $100 dollar product for Christmas.) So, A couple of years back I began to save up my money - That lasted for awhile, Untill I met, Yes, I 'Met' It. It was extremely amazing In everyway, So I went crazy. I blew all my cash On them. Never thought about Saving Up agian, I went to check Where I could find them {For the past year or so, It's been IMPOSSIBLE To find Roboraptors In canada.} O.M.G. I go to Wowwee's offical site, $50!?!?!? THATS LIKE $50 OFF. O_____O
    So here we go agian.

    But My question Is. . .



    Or Laziness?

    around 90% of there Toys can only be found at Target, Ebay, & There Wowwee offical online store now. Why? I don't know. Im curious, and I want to find out. o___o; but Can't. Oh well. (Sriously though, $50!?!??!)

    Anyway, I was gonna type an ubur long thing up about this but am too lazy too.


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    Default Re: Wowwee: Shortage?

    Wow! Interesting. You obviously like to write.

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