Picture 2011-07-19 20-40-10.jpg"Oh wow,many people shop at this time!I better hurry!"Violet said in a hurry.
Picture 2011-07-19 20-32-07.jpgOh Victoria...What will I get you on your birthday?Violet thought.She looked at many necklaces and rings.Finally,she found one for $30.She had $90 in total."Perfect!"Violet said.She went to RavenWood Academy and rushed to Victorias dorm room and wrapped up the necklace.She slipped it under the door.Victoria woke up.She saw the prettiest necklace ever after she unwrapped it.
Victorias Necklace.pngOMG I luv it!I gotta thank Violet for the necklace.Victoria ran her hand against it."Thank you so much sis!"Victoria said happily."Uh oh!Lady Oriel is gonna be mad if you are late!"Victoria said."Bye,be sure to give me half of what you earned from selling our hand-crafted jewelry",Violet said,running down the street and towards Unicorn Way.