Picture 2011-07-18 15-34-27.jpgBack to the Library
Picture 2011-07-17 19-29-15.jpg"Wait!Hold the books!I need one on Life,Storm,Fire,Ice,Death,Myth,and Balance History for my Second School",Heather said,kindly.
Picture 2011-07-17 19-29-28.jpg"Harorld,please check these books out for me,which second school should I take?"asked Heather,very kindly."Hmmm...I dont know....Balance?"Harold said."here ya go",Harold said.
Picture 2011-07-18 15-41-30.jpg"OMG Where did the Life school go?!I need my spellbook!!!"Heather said in a freaked out vioce.She ran to Headmaster Ambrose."Wheres the Life school Headmaster?"Heather said."MooLinda Wu was wisked away in a storm after she wanted revenge on Wizard City for never giving her a trip back home for a week.She just got back a week ago from MooGu,now you should find another class",Headmaster Ambrose said."But...I dont want to!I love studying life!I may be from Earth,a planet that doesnt believe in magic,but I am studying Life!"Heather said,running away when she finished her last words to her dorm room.Her best friend,Katlyn LifeHeart,and talked to Heather.They went to Heathers Grandmas house.