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    Icon13 Why do all my friends hate me?

    So on FR, I was checking back on the realms for the first time in months. Nobody seemed to care. The only response I got from my old best friend on FR when I ported to him was "o.o" Then I remembered the reason I quit. Everyone ignored me. In order for people to talk to you, it seems you have to have maxed jobs, all the rare items, and have like 5 million coins. Yeah sure, I don't but I get ignored everywhere! That is why I left FR. On ROBLOX I have lots of friends that actually TALK to me!

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    Default Re: Why do all my friends hate me?

    Wow thats sad.....funny how much people care about how much in game stuff and money you have so they can think whether your worth talking to or not...
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    Default Re: Why do all my friends hate me?

    This is the same with me. Exactly the same. I know how you feel lol, my old friend did the o.o thing to me when we were friends...everyone has a friend but me...
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    Default Re: Why do all my friends hate me?

    Sad truth. I've seen that happen before. And I agree, however, I'm pretty sure you'll find someone nice around to talk to

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    Default Re: Why do all my friends hate me?

    That is really sad and rude. People shouldn't like you for what you have, they should like you for your personality. Do you help people? Are you nice to people? Do lots of people like you for your personality?

    If you said "Yes" to all the questions, you're fine the way you are. Delete the people who are rude and mean to you off your friends list so they won't bother you. Even if it's everyone off your friends list. I suggest you should get better friends.
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    Default Re: Why do all my friends hate me?

    I have kinda the same problem. Everyone wants to be my friend for what I have. A few months after I made my character Gabrielle Springlake (now Gäbrielle) I started being friends with a girl named Mikayla Foxcharm. We were friends for quite awhile then I got into another game. When I finally came back I found her online and said "hi. remember me?" She said "yes I remember you, why wouldn't I?" After that I found out she started playing another game around the same time I did. She's a good friend. If you ever find her online, you should talk to her because she doesn't care for what you have. She cares for personality. Or if you even happen to see me online, you could talk to me.
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    Default Re: Why do all my friends hate me?

    don't wanna sound like a mom here but most children (uh...feel like a nanny saying this) spend 2/3 of their day talking to a computer. I wouldn't fret about friends that I hardly know than your personal...rl friends.

    There are loads of people out there (both virtual and real) and some view you from the inside and the other looks at what you look like and have. And of course you never know if they have 500+ people on your friends list and a lot with similar IGNs as you so they may not tell it's you. There's a saying I made up and look up at about friends and it's ''True friends are like a treasure; bury it and you can dig it up again'' that's how I tell who my true and good friends are.
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    Default Re: Why do all my friends hate me?

    I wouldn't say "Hate" i mean that is a strong word. No one knows you well enough to say they "hate" you. Besides you could find someone it just could take time. But if you pester people ( Not saying you do idk if you do) or bug them while they are busy or port to them all the time they might find it annoying. But i mean if u really need a friend you could add me. My name on their is Chilly A1999 Note: It might change i don't like the numbers anymore and the name....Anyways you can just add me and u could hang out with em and my friends ^^ But only if you still play....None of my friends care about what you have or dont have they care about whats on the the inside.

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