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    Default Where Halloween Traditions came from .

    here is where all the traditions of halloween where they came from.
    1.jack-o-lanterns there was a man named jack and he loved pullingpranks and he had a plan to trick the Devil :O and the devil sent him to a place where there was nothing but dark and jack only had a little pumpkin lantern and thats where jack-o-lanterns came from.
    2.Trick-or-treating it all started when poor people came to peoples doors and gave them small bunt cakes and offered to say a prayer and you may also get tricked and thats where it came from.
    3.bobbing for apples it started when young women and men would try to bite a apple in water or air and if they bit it theyd be the one next to get married.
    4.Halloween the druids started this holiday the way they celebrated it a long time ago was when they either had a animal skull or "Human" :O and they would celebrate with bones and all kind of witch craft.
    I Just Wanted To Share This To Everyone so they can know how halloween started .

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    Default Re: Where Halloween Traditions came from .

    I learned this stuff last year in school! lol!!!!!

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