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    blubbleslatte Guest

    Wednesday Chat Thread The 30th!

    Only one more day until February! A leap year! Now how will they celebrate February 29th's birthday next year? hmmm? Quite Interesting huh!?

    Okay here is my trivia,

    What did city did Peter II change its capital to Moscow
    is it

    A. Petersburg
    B. Berlin
    C. Gobi
    D. Peter City

    And what did you have for dinner last night or tonight!

    Main Meal:
    Side Dish:

    Lets Chat!

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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat Thread The 30th!

    Good morning! Oh that's a good trivia question! I know, I had some Russian history

    Last night for dinner we had a crock pot of chili. It was easy to make and we all ate whenever we were hungry.

    No dessert for us last night. I offered peppermint snowflakes, egg nog and bear shaped sugar cookies but everyone was already full of those

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    Default Re: Wednesday Chat Thread The 30th!

    Tonight for dinner we had.
    Drink: water
    Main Meal: Burrito
    Side Dish: black beans
    Dessert: none, but I might have to grab some chocolate.
    How come everytime I get on VPI I want some chocolate!!!

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