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    Rowan Guest

    Default Wednesday Chat Feb 27th

    Good morning Kookeys!

    Hope everyone Leaps into Wednesday with lots of energy. Friday is Leap Day!

    There were 255 leap days since the Julian calender started!

    Does anyone know the math to calculate how many there were?

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    Autumn Roselake's Avatar
    Autumn Roselake is offline Master Gamer
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    Nov 2007

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat Feb 27th

    Math tee-hee..... not me. I forget the math i took in college much less high school. Isn't that sad. I never was good at math.

    But, that being said it is always fun when leap year rolls around.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

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    blubbleslatte Guest

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat Feb 27th

    Ahhhhh no thanks just finsished my survey!

    I want chocolate covered cherries with a godiva chocolate dark decenace drink and a red velevet cake

    Errrrr Life is NOT burger king!

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