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    Default Wednesday Chat!

    Good morning! How is everyone today?

    Bearlover - Have fun unpacking, post screenshots when you get a chance.
    Cherry - I hope your mouth is feeling better today.
    Ellen - are you feeling better today?
    Allidog - I hope you have a better day today.
    Freya - knock knock

    What else is going on with everyone?

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    Default Re: Wednesday Chat!

    Hello, Uppies! I'm still unpacking and rearranging and shopping. I bought the Greystone so I have way to many rooms. Did you realize that when you go to the Mall and them come back to your room -- it takes you to the first room in your house! I am decorating at the back of the house and decide I need a new table -- go to the mall -- go home -- and travel through 5 rooms to get back to where I was. I am really spoiled by the W Shop, that comes open on top of your room so you can buy something and the place it right in the room! It takes a lot longer when you have to keep going back to your room. Soooooo, don't hold your breath waiting for pictures of finished rooms. This is going to take a while.

    Hope everyone is feeling better today --- this is hump day --- the weekend is in sight.


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    blubbleslatte Guest

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat!

    Nothing for me? I vist here!

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat!

    Nothing for me either?LO!L! Hey everyone! What are you doing?

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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat!

    Quote Originally Posted by Uppies View Post
    Freya - knock knock
    Who's there?

    I couldn't log in all day! I went through VPI withdrawls!

    Bearlover - good luck on that Greystone! Yeah we're neighbors! I just bought one too a week or so ago. I've only got a few rooms done.

    Blubbles! How are you? I changed my avatar for ya so you won't be scared

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat!

    Freya- I ♥ that Kookey of yours!

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    Alidog96 Guest

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat!

    Freya, i liked ur old avatar. It looked kool and unusual. I had a good day today, it was ok. But everything is going alright. There's something going around @ my school. It's making everyone sick, that like half of people in my math class r absent. It's gettin so bad,bad,bad!

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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat!

    Thanks Ali! I may be bring it back when I get bored of this one again.

    Lots of people here sick too, it must be the season

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Wednesday Chat!

    I know probaly the weather!

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