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Title: Web Archive

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    Default Web Archive

    Hey all! So through a web archive website (Internet Archive: Wayback Machine) it's possible to view the old site, before it started redirecting you to Daybreak. I've been trying to figure out the link to view a character profile, like, as it would appear when you searched someone. If anyone has that link, please let me know!

    The webpage I want to view, which, unless you have the link already, is impossible to navigate to. The site doesn't allow you to log in because the archive has no protocol on how to deal with authentication of a username and password combo.

    I'm looking to find the link to the page that would display like so,

    I'm not even sure if these types of pages were trafficked enough to be archived, but if they are I'd really like to view them!
    I know what I'm looking for is something like
    but that doesn't seem to be it, or if it is, it's wasn't archived.

    Thanks so much, have a great day!

    EDIT: I found a video in Spanish with the link ( but, this doesn't work in the archive, it tries to take you to custom character creation, which, it cannot support. So I guess this won't work, haha! If you do get it to work, please, let me know!

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