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    Default Visa GiftCards

    Idk if this is the right forum but i was wondering...

    I want to buy a lifetime membership with my visa giftcard but idk if they accept visa giftcards.

    Does anybody know if they accept them?

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    Default Re: Visa GiftCards

    They accept them. They are what I use.
    Jordan Trademarked
    The Official Canadian Insider.

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    Default Re: Visa GiftCards

    There won't be any problem using it. That's the whole point of it being VISA... you can use it where ever Visa credit cards are accepted.
    Happy gaming!
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    Default Re: Visa GiftCards

    I think you can. I got one for Christmas and it says 'Can be used wherever VISA card is accepted' and since FR accepts VISA it should work. XD

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