Here is my email to SOE:

Hello SOE!

My name is Lily and I am a young fan of yours. I have recently noticed that you guys made a big move to the Daybreak Company, and that is where I have questions for you.

First off, I'd like to ask if this change will benefit current/futuristic games differently than before?

I was curious due to the fact of different genre types in your current games. Most of the games I have encountered established by SOE are mostly fantasy or roleplay/adventure. Will there be something resembling a very unfamiliar genre?

Second, what will happen to previous games? Will they continue to not make a debut on the SOE establishment, perhaps the way they did before?

In the particular aspect of that question, I mean will games that may have been 'sunsetted' under the commands of SOE continue being 'sunsetted' or otherwise.

Third (and lastly) there has been a particular game that me and MILLIONS of other fans sadly let go too soon- Freerealms. I know you guys have been getting a lot of disappointing remarks, but I really have to ask for a good reason to why you guys relinquished 15 million players on one of your most highly-graphical games and one of your most successful games. Why give up on it when it was really the only game everyone could enjoy?

Nowdays, most of your games are PG+. Freerealms was available to everyone! And please don't mention the valuable time you cohesively spent on the graphics! It was incredible that just SOE could pull of incredible graphical features!

I know these may be a lot of questions, but for now, I really need some answers!

Thank you for reading this email!~ Lily