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    Icon5 Uhh Does Anyone Else Notice This? o_O

    So these 6th graders at my school are literally 4ft tall or shorter o_o and the 7th graders are kinda taller. and 8th graders are normal, im 5'6 and each generation is getting shorter and shorter O__O im not kidding they r so adorable tho but annoying ._. im a normal height where i live. But my family calls me tall but my friends are a lil shorter than me xP i do have big feet tho o.o im size 10-11...yeah big XP hah some of my friends have the same size as me tho. Does anyone have the same problem at their school? o_O and im only in middle school man o.o im also pretty young for being in meh grade all my friends r older than me except for one by 6 days LOL.
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    Default Re: Uhh Does Anyone Else Notice This? o_O

    I'm 5'2", and I'm in high school. Whoop dee doo. .-.

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