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    Icon7 Trading???? And profile pic

    Hey! does anybody have a cardigan sweater, a blouse vest (any color), or stitched capris???? I have been trying very hard to get them.

    Also does anybody know how many certain number of posts your suppose to have because i have posted i think 5 forums and i think 10 blogs or posts idk....but can somebody answer those two ?s for me???? Thx!!!
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    Default Re: Trading???? And profile pic

    Ceartain number of posts for what? If you want a personal avvie, 10 posts, if you want to join <Insiders> or <INSDIDERS>, 50 HELPFUL posts, and if you want to be a member (2nd rank) of <Inisders> or <INSIDERS> You have to have 150 posts.
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