Ello. Im laying in my bed. Being bored. Dx im so tired i gotta wake up at 7 eachday this week take a showergo try and eat breakfast then go horseback riding for 2 and a half hours (my butt hurts bad I HAVE NO CUSHION :C) then eat lunch go to the pool get dressed again then go do my afternoon activity (yesterday was archery today is kayaking tmrw is ziplining across the big lake) then 2 and a half hrs later come back chill for an hr go eat dinner chill for another hour then go do the evening campfire or whatteverrrr i usually go feed the horses in the evening tho...theres a cute 1 yr old horse OH MY GAWD HES THE MOST ADORABLE THING he trots up to you and i feed him grass its hard just to leave him :c ANYWAY omg i talk alot. How yuh doooin. Im boooored. And.... yaaaaaaaaa.