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    Default Thinking About Quitting

    I'm thinking about quitting when school starts. I'm tired of computer games ATM because I tend to be too nice and end up caught in drama. Its super annoying. Plus last year I almost failed the grade. I dont feel like having to repeat a grade. So yeah...... Maybe I'll change my mind and get on sometimes.

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    Default Re: Thinking About Quitting

    Hope you dont quit even tough i dont know you but i will miss you if you quit.

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    Default Re: Thinking About Quitting

    Sorry to hear your decision to quit. At least it's for a good cause. Studies first before video games.
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    Not interested in trading anymore. Everything's so expensive...

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    Default Re: Thinking About Quitting

    Aww, well I to understand why you're thinking of it. Maybe you could play more when school ends. That would be awhile, and there would be plenty of new stuff for you to check out.

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