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    Icon6 Thank You To Free Realms

    Hey FRI,

    I just wanted to start a thread to say thank you to free realms and free realms insider for all the hard work they do, and I thought maybe we could put together a big long list (or thread) of things that we all appreciate from free realms and FRI.

    Feel free to make your list as big and long as you'd like... the more the merrier! Yyou might want to make this a nice, personal list... Don't hold back! this is to say thank you for everything you want to so don't be shy! Have fun

    here's my post (feel free to take any ideas for your list if you want):

    - for putting in the time and effort to make free realms
    - being so creative... free realms has turned into the coolest website in the world!

    - giving us so many cool events and activities
    * (personal from me) even though I was embarassed at first, thanks for taking that funny picture of my pony and I at the trade fair... that was funny lolz
    - making our characters customizable
    - giving out cool prizes from the wheel every day (personal: ei: my dog Roxie)
    - making the free member weekend... that was AWESOME
    - events where you can get bonus SC... that's very kind and generous
    - SC sales... so that even people who can't afford getting some things still can
    - creating animated rides
    - adding housing
    - adding the coin shop
    - making such a wide variety of jobs to play
    - aking both humans AND pixies... I was looking for a site just like this... and it's even better than I thought was even possible!
    - Thank you to all the refs... you guys are so friendly and patient with our thousands of questions!

    - keeping free realms... free!
    - to all the people who work behind the scenes solving glitches and designing everything... your work does not go un-noticed!

    - Making sure free realms is a family-friendly site for everyone to play
    - to FRI for making this website and all the contributors constantly keeping us updated on everything from help guildes to codes, you have it all!
    Have a great day!

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    Default Re: Thank You To Free Realms

    Oh what a truly great thread! I agree with everything you said! I might add... creating such an epic site for people to meet amazing friends!!! WHOOT!!!!

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