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    Suggestions, Anyone?

    If you have suggestions about something new like a TV Show, game, toy, book, or just about anything, post it here. This is the thread to show off your suggestions .

    My idea is an iCarly game on based on the iCarly episode iDream of Dance. The game is called iDance. You are entering for the iCarly Dance Competition. You can play as a boy or girl character that you can change every time you play iDance. You use dance moves that you can select for your dance, like the Lazytown Dance Game on After you select dance moves, you choose music for your character to dance to, it can either be Leave It All To Me, Stay My Baby, About You Now, or Headphones On. You even choose a background for your character to stand behind, it can be the iCarly Studio, Carly's apartment, or Carly, Sam, and Freddie's school. After you are done you can press submit, so it has a possibility be to in the iDance Top 10.
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