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    Default Strannnnge Dream

    LOL Ok so I read Baybo's weird dream and remembered that last was a very strange dream of mine..So i stayed up late to build the Opera House on Free Realms like the One off Phantom of the Opera..And All night I was listening to Phantom of the Opera music....So once I got off Free Realms...I went to bed, (Duhr) XD And Here comes my dream..
    So my name was Crystal? No Idea why....And There was this guy Max...And He loved to Dress like the Phantom...? So we became best friends...And then he took me to his "Liar" And sang Music of the Night to me...By that point I was about to pass out because I thought that Max was role playing Phantom of the Opera and I was a die hard fan...And then he put a chain on my wrists and then said, " YOU BELONG TO ME" And then I woke up ._.

    "Keep me close, keep me close.
    Keep my head above
    I need to hear your voice

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    Default Re: Strannnnge Dream

    That just might be even wierder than mine

    True story!

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