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    Default Strange Dream...xD

    So last night I had a really weird dream. o_o Hard to believe it's just one dream...It starts off with a horrible part, then goes onto a really weird part, then it goes onto a half-weird, pretty cool part in this case. :{D

    So it starts off with me lying in bed. Suddenly, things start to catch fire. I'm like, "Noo!" And I grab my favourite soft toy (I do still have them...I've had this one for like eight years though. ;o PLUS I have an excuse cause I'm a little kid. >;o) And I escape the bedroom. Then I'm like, "There's still my other soft toys in there!" So I run back in and grab them all. My second favourite one's perfectly fine, (Hearts de Teddy bear. Won at an Irish Dancing comp.) but one of them's tail had been burnt off (Poor Rabble the Rat. >.<) And the other one had curly back legs and was also missing his tail (That one was Livingston the Lion. xDD) Then my mum offered to fix them all up. (That never actually happened though...T_T)

    Then the weird part was when I was sitting on a bench. Then this guy from my class comes and sits next to me and I JUST WON'T MENTION THE NEXT PART. o_o' (You get the idea though...xD) I was all, "Just go away!" Y.Y

    Then I get up from the bench and we're suddenly not at my house but my whole class is on an island with my Robinwood instructor, therefor I guess we were at Robinwood. So then we all head over to a building and the instructor disappears.

    Then this is the really fun part that sort of guarantees some lols.
    The teacher tells us to get on a random bus. She then says there's a surprise waiting for us.
    So we get on, and the teachers gives us all, UNICORNS! Unicorns that sound alot like us. xD Mine was awesome. And then the teachers tells us to get off the bus, and the unicorns vanish. T_T Dang I was having a nice conversation...

    And then I woke up...
    And I didn't look at Livingston or Rabble. xD (U tink I freak.)

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    Default Re: Strange Dream...xD

    Wow, really strange dream you got thar'. xD

    I've had my share of strange dreams (Most being nightmares), but never once have I recieved a talking unicorn. Lucky.
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    Default Re: Strange Dream...xD

    What an odd dream.

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