I'm auditing a Saturday morning general Sociology/Psychosociology class, and I wish my professors when I was in college did something like grading the entire CLASS GRADE on a curve. But this is at a community college and idk, the standards are lower. He was talking about the first exam grade and 1/4 got B or higher. 2-3 As, and he said it was good <.<... I didn't take one, but might ask him for one to see how much I know.

Then we talked about gender roles. It was actually a very funny discussion lol. Talks like today's are the reason I get up at 7 in the morning on Saturday to go to school D:

For you future collegians, do take a Sociology class (it's a general ed requirement anyway so you can't skip it unless you go to a technical school), because it's a great subject and has so many practical applications in your every day life. But.... It's a terrible thing to major in. NPR was talking about a lady with a Ph.D in Soc on welfare.