Hey everyone. I come here today to post my goodbye, and to share my experiences here on FRI.

I met some interesting people, and some rude people. But that's okay. The way you act in real life will determine how far you will go in succeeding said life.

Mostly, FRI was a great place to be, and a good place to find trades and people who are actually intelligent. I also found many people who made me giggle behind this computer screen of mine, and sometimes even be red in the face with laughter.

I know most of us are upset that Free Realms is shutting down, or how SOE calls it, a beautiful "sunset", but I think we really need to open our eyes. You may be new to the game, or an elder to it, but there was just far too much fighting happening in this game. It's not because the once young population is now grown up, but it is because SOE has found it hard to make the children happy. That's why they are done with making children-based games.

So, this is our lesson: We need to grow up mentally. You can be twenty years old, yet have the mind of a ten year old. A ten year old, who bullies other kids because they don't necessarily have the "cool" items.

I don't tolerate any bullying, and I guess SOE has had enough too, and I'm really sorry a great game like Free Realms has to crumble down like this. If you ask me, the way they are ending FR, it's more like a terrible storm than a peaceful sunset.

As you can tell, I am no good with goodbyes, and I'm truly sorry if I upset you in my explanation. I'm sorry if you're losing a piece of yourself when this game finally ends, and I'm sorry if you were ever bullied in this game too. I know I was.

And now, I take my bow, and I will let my curtain fall. So long, and farewell..



Four Years of Realming