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Title: So annoying

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    Default So annoying

    I listen to a lot of music, so then I automatically make new lyrics/songs etc. I hate it when I make good lyrics (usually a rap, :/) and then I forget the lyrics 5 seconds later. Well, yeah so, bye.
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    Default Re: So annoying

    If I'm on my computer and I think of some lyrics, I just open notepad and type them up.

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    Default Re: So annoying

    Ah, I do the same thing, but in a different situation. I write books, and I like to act out what I want to happen out loud. It sounds awesome when I do that, but when I go to type it, I have forgotten most of what I had acted out. What I do is repeat what I absolutely want to remember over and over and over again until I know for certain that I have it stored away in my memory. Then, I am able to type it when the time comes. I do not know if this would help in writing lyrics to songs, but you could give it a try I suppose.

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    Default Re: So annoying

    Always carry a notebook.

    Well, that's hard for me, considering most of the time when I think up a good song I'm in the shower.

    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: So annoying

    Same. I'll just be eating breakfast or something in the morning and a few bars that I really like come up in my head and I usually end up forgetting them.

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    Default Re: So annoying

    Hah, funny...I tried to make a lyric video once, but it didn't turn out so well. I love music.
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