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Title: Simplicity.

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    Default Simplicity.

    I read a forum similar to what I am going to write.

    My first game was Wizard101. I remember seeing the advertisement and feeling the freedom of downloading my FIRST game. I adapted to the game pretty quick. I remember buying a midnight horse and being able to ride it by pressing a simple key. I remember the duels with level 75 Storm School characters. I remember being a former Ice student and buying ice spells. I remember hating how i couldn't chat with people freely. And then I remember laying eyes on Freerealms beta in 2009. The excitement of being able to play another game, the control of it in my own hands, was thrilling.

    I installed Freerealms and played my first beta game as a pixi with short emerald hair and light blue eyes. I bought a Golden Retriever named Lexi and trained her to play dead and to talk. I loved the feeling of getting my first pet training apron. I put that blue apron on with dignity and freedom. As the apron was a newby item at the time, I remember comparing it to my staff in Wizard101. A new apron to an old staff.

    As that day continued, I got rid of Wizard101 and played Freerealms for two more hours. I eventually leveled up to twenty on my Pet Trainer in a week. I felt so accomplished. But then I made my first friend (eventually) and then more, and more. I had so many friends to level up with and talk to. Weeks went onto months and I was addicted. Freerealms was a drug. And then came school.

    One fond memory was coming home from school from being bullied without friends. The first thing i did was play Freerealms and talk to you guys. I felt so wanted. Freerealms was my escape from life and all of the bad things. I guess I was kind of hiding myself from everyone.

    I initially got better at gaming and computers. I made a lot of characters on that game and I had to delete some, which means my pixi.

    I guess what i am saying is that Freerealms hid me from myself. I made so many memories. I made so many friends. I played for more than 4,000 hours by the time it all ended. It was hard for me to say goodbye, but I still did.

    Some of us fail to remember, and some of us fail to forget, but I still have to find myself and figure myself out. Freerealms may or may not come back, but if it does I will play it. For now I am learning to let go.

    A metaphor is the pet apron. It was new then, but old now. Freerealms was new then, but it is old now. You guys made me feel like I was worth it, and you still do, but I am moving away from playing games. I need to get out there, and so do you.

    Goodbye and hello
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