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    Icon8 Sibling Story Time

    Post funny stories about you and your siblings.

    When I was about 10 or 11 I asked my sister if I could do a wrestling move on her (NEVER do that. ITS DANGEROUS!) She said will it hurt and I said no. So she said ok. I said ok now lay on your belly, she did. I did the wrestling move and got slapped behind the head. I was surprised she fell for it , but I wasnt surprised about my mom smacking me lol.

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    Default Re: Sibling Story Time

    My brother's friend's older brother, and like he would hide in his room, under his bed, and when his younger brother would come into the room (The lights were off) he would come out, and grab his ankles. It FREAKED him OUT!
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    Default Re: Sibling Story Time

    Lol, once my sister was looking for her DS game while I was playing mine, and it took her about half an hour for her to figure out that I was playing the game she was looking for, lol!


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    Default Re: Sibling Story Time

    Hmm, where to start. I have 3 sisters, oh I have one, so my oldest sister next in line before me was 1 at the time, and we had just gotten new carpet, now mom was doing some laundry and she had only truned away for a minute and she heard this "shwish-shwish" noise, she turns back and she sees my 1 year old sister coloring in permant ink on the brand new carpet Of course we got it out after hours of scrubbing, but my dad wasn't so pleased.

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