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    Icon11 Sharing My Favorites!

    Do you know people have favorites and i'll tell you my favorites and you'll tell yours too
    My Favorites:
    Color: Green
    Place: Park
    Number: 7
    Letter: G
    Animal: Tiger
    Food: Fried Chicken
    Car: Lamborgeeni
    Place in Free Realms: Sanctuary, Snowhill, and Seaside
    Country: Greenland
    Electronics: Apple Ipod Touch
    Jobs in Frea Realms: Adventurer and Ninja

    There thats my FAVORITES, how about you, whats your favorites, just comment so you can tell your favorites to us

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    Default Re: Sharing My Favorites!

    Color: Blue
    Place: Park
    Number: 4
    Letter: A
    Animal: Dog or Monkey
    Food: Steak
    Car: Lamborghini
    Place in Freerealms: Seaside and Sanctuary
    Country: Colombia
    Electronics: PS3
    Jobs in Freerealms: Postman, Adventurer, Archer

    Proud Leader of <Renegade>
    I have won 1 TCG Tourney and I have maxed all jobs!

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    Default Re: Sharing My Favorites!

    Color: Red
    Place: My House..
    Number: 5
    Letter: K
    Animal: Penguins
    Food: Spaghetti (non--meat sauce)
    Car: BMW Series 5.. lol
    Place in Free Realms: Shrouded Glade
    Country: England
    Electronics: Alienware computers/laptops
    Jobs in Frea Realms: Adventurer/Archer

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