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    Rowan Guest

    Default Saturday Chat March 8th!

    Happy Saturday Kookeys!

    Today is International Women's Day!

    In 1975, the United Nations began sponsoring International Women's Day. Each year on March 8, thousands of International Women's Day events occur all around the world from Alaska to Zambia. Events range from small random informal gatherings to large-scale highly organized events that have been planned for many months.

    Are there any events happening in your community today?

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    Default Re: Saturday Chat March 8th!

    Wellll....... There were supposed to be, but everything is cancelled. We have a blizzard here in Ohio. Its been fun for the kiddies though. Snowmobiling, sledding and my son even had the 4wheeler out. lol Its a good day for hot chocolate!

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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: Saturday Chat March 8th!

    Amazing - our snow north of you is almost all melted!

    Your neighborhood sounds fun!

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