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    Default ROBLOX: Build, Create, Discover!

    Do you play ROBLOX or havent yet? Its an amazing website. You get to create clothing, models, and awesome places! I think you should join. My characters on there are Nikkiki101 and Kiki10497. Add me on there and post your names on ROBLOX! You'll love it!
    Music, that really keeps me movin' lets get it going, alright, our smiles are showin' -The Fresh Beat Band.

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    Default Re: ROBLOX: Build, Create, Discover!

    I quit Roblox a while ago, once you play for a while, you discover some things that you think weren't there before...

    You'll figure out soon enough.

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    Default Re: ROBLOX: Build, Create, Discover!

    ScarletPassion is my ROBLOX name, I dont really play as much anymore </3

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