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Title: Robinwood! <3

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    Default Robinwood! <3

    Tomorrow, I'll be gone till Friday. <3 Why? I'm at Robinwood. :3
    The whole of my class goes, 'cept for some people who didn't want to go. I'm gonna get homesick lol.
    Some activities I'm looking forward to is the Piranha Pool...Legend says there's actually piranhas in there...With their teeth removed, of course, hehe. You have to walk across the pool on a greasy bar, lol. And there's abseiling. Walking down a cliff backwards...Though I have acrophobia (Fear of heights) I strangely want to have a go at that. xD
    Some of the activities I'm a bit scared of is a cave crawl, where you crawl through a REALLY narrow tunnel...I have slight claustrophobia heh. And trapeze...It's only five metres off the ground, but jumping and grabbing a metal bar...Scares me...;o
    We do all sorts...I'll list a few

    -Piranha Pool
    -Raft Building
    -Nature Hunt (Just not for mushrooms, please!)
    -Night Line

    Bleh and the list goes on. ;o

    Well, it looks fun and all...xD I'm excited.
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    Default Re: Robinwood! <3

    Sounds like so much fun, mainly the Piranha Pool, i love Piranhas.

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