Yep, I just recently unboxed my Preorder Copy of Resistance 3 from GameStop, with it's bonuses. Here's the lay-down of it.

So far, the box looks EPIC, I love the art of it, and enclosed is a code with a Multiplayer Boost Pack to level 5 in Multiplayer, and also with it is a necklace of Chimeran Teeth???

Indeed there is! The necklace looks awesome, as it's a direct replica of the original of Capelli's necklace from the game, and comes with an awesome leather string. The pack so far costs only $60 (Plus tax. Taxes do apply to everything, including Preorders.) with the game itself, the necklace (Which would cost over $100 since it is a direct replica of the original.), and the code. This is a very good bargain, and if you own a PS3, I'd HIGHLY recommend preordering R3 from GameStop, because this is the best Preorder you can get price-wise, and as well as the bonus.

Image of the Necklace: 355px-R3Necklace.jpg

So there's the lay-down of Resistance 3: Preordered from GameStop!