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Title: REMINDER: Fighting, rude posts, inappropriate language, and inappropriate messages are against the rules.

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    Default REMINDER: Fighting, rude posts, inappropriate language, and inappropriate messages are against the rules.

    Here is your reminder, everyone.

    There has been far too many inappropriate posts on our forums, including visitor messages. I'd like to take this time to remind you all of a few rules, and give everyone an official warning about this behavior. It's crossed the line many times this summer, and it needs to stop now.

    Inappropriate posts, which include those that may be gorey, violent, or crossing the boundaries of relationships on FRI will be removed. If you wouldn't stay it in front of your parents, it's not appropriate for this forum. If you continue to cross that line, your account is at risk of suspension. We take this stuff seriously, and if you are posting content that makes us cringe - you will be taking a leave of absence.

    This means no foul language, no discussions of mature topics, and definitely no discussions about who is "hot" and what you may want to do to them. It's crossing a line that is clearly drawn here at FRI. And I would encourage you all to read the rules again (, especially if you are coming back from a suspension/ban.

    As a result of this behavior, many threads have had to be removed or closed. If the content on the thread is highly inappropriate behavior, it will be removed. I'm sorry if this upsets the original thread creator, but this is why we encourage members to be polite & follow our rules. Threads and posts will be removed that do not follow them.

    The fighting on this forum has become really discouraging, and it also needs to stop. If you are continuing to pick fights, post harmful & hurtful messages to other members, and especially call them foul names. You will be warned, and if it continues past that warning you will be suspended. There is zero tolerance for bullying around here, and the attitude of "We're better than they are" needs to stop here. Quoting the messages & arguing with the original poster is just as harmful. Please use the red hazard sign and report it RIGHT away. No arguing with them.

    If you are upset with someone, please do not make a post directed to them. Instead, report the message in question to a staff member... and turn off your computer/log out & walk away. You need time to calm down. It may not be your fault, but we all do rash things in the heat of the moment.

    Most importantly - this forum, and it's members, needs to set a better example for everyone here. Why would any member want to join a community that is hurting each other so much? Please consider what this does for future, and current, members of FRI. No one wants to participate if they feel they are constantly being attacked. That includes staff members, because after all they are human too.

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