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    Default Really Jealous. ._."

    My Sister Recently Joined VPI,

    And im actually really Jealous of her. cause shes too awesome. ._.

    But, its like, i like her having her around because when my Gift exchange ran into problems she helped me Organize it, So, its like, i guess shes good but im kind of Jealous with her still, Oh well. -sighs-

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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: Really Jealous. ._."

    Awww I know how you feel Flablo I have 2 sisters. It's natural to be a little jealous of a sister but they're always the best of friends too!

    I'm really glad you are both here!

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    Default Re: Really Jealous. ._."

    Please do not be jealous.
    Like Freya said it's natural to be jealous of somethings, I am often jealous of how easy my sister can make friends for instance!

    I like having her around as well (though i don't say it often).

    Everyone needs space, it's just hard to express feelings sometimes and share.
    But everyone gets use to it!
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    Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'.
    I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.

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    Re: Really Jealous. ._."

    I have a sister to. She is 2 years older than me. Don't be jealous of your sister. I'm sure your both awesome! I feel just like you, I like having my sister around but I don't like to say it. LOL Though I have to admit, she's usually nicer and funnier than me. And she draws fantastic and I draw REALLY bad. LOL Anyways, it sounds like she's nice and your nice too. Your both a great addition to VPI!
    Welcome to the Wonderful land of Narnia! Only a wardrobe away! Please visit my blog! It needs cool peeps like you! LOL Here is a link:

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    Default Re: Really Jealous. ._."

    I have 5 kids. They mostly get along. SOMETimes there is a little jealousy, but i think thats normal. At least you have virtual pets in common.

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Really Jealous. ._."

    Awww! Flablo! Sometimes that happens! Sometimes I get soo jealous I wanna explode! LOL!

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    Default Re: Really Jealous. ._."

    Think of it as a good thing, you guys can help each other out

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    Soccerchamp098 Guest

    Default Re: Really Jealous. ._."

    I'm sorry that you feel jelous! My brother gets like all the attention, and I know I'm a bit too old to be saying this but I just don't think that it is fair that he gets all the attention! But, then I think about the first 5 years that I had all to myself and then I think about how he feels. You never know, maybe your sister is jelous of you because you are so totally awesome! Just think of her helping you as a way that you are bonding and getting closer!

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