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    Default Read Below Cant Think Of Title

    What I remember of FR is me first being a pixie when I was 6...Then I changed it a year later because people REALLY hurt my feelings.So I made a human.And It was awesome...Tho the ppl who played TCG always were mean to me.So I FINALLY became a member and was pretty happy.And what I remebered was when I was a pixie I HAD NO IDEA how to play FR,justlogin and fly around while people made fun of me being a pixie.I also figured out that Blackspore was a nice place before that thread explaining everything to FR.And when I was in Brairwood I would be in the maze like ''HOW DO I GET OUT!!!'' Then Id just teleport out.
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    Default Re: Read Below Cant Think Of Title

    Me too, I would always get stuck in the maze but then I learned the pathway was the way out
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    Hello Yeah... i made a pixie once.. Lots of ppl made fun of me but i told them all of hard! Dot worry about what they call u just say "Pixies can fly! i don't see Humans flying! and pixies are ADORABLE!! Why don't you go jump off a cliff? Ok? Just take a hike and never come back >.<" Thats what i say but if they dont go away... just keep saying mean things to them and make them feel small and helpless thats what i do and it works all the time... and i say im daughter of Poseideon But you hav to say in FR "Po side on" I rlly am you should meet my friends they are like sisters and brothers to me! And i used to get stuck in the maze alot... But i figured out the stone pathway was da wayz out my IGN is Julia Burningwings. whats yours?
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